What I Do

My aim at every wedding is to capture the atmosphere and what makes you, your family and your friends individual. I take photos in a relaxed and unobtrusive way, capturing natural moments rather than posed and informal rather than formal. I'm also here to offer advice where you need it and help you plan your day to get the most out of me!

Why I Do It

Weddings are awesome, everyone knows it. If you don't know it you've been going to the wrong weddings. Everyone's happy, everyone looks great, everyone (well, almost everyone) dances. No two weddings are the same and there's always something unexpected (the weather, your Uncle Terry, your slightly overenthusiastic on the champagne toasts bridesmaid) and that's what I love. There's never a dull moment, it always keeps me on my toes and I get to take photos of people having the time of their lives like Baby and Johnny (don't try the lift unless you have the core strength of Mr Swayze).

Scroll down to see an average day as a wedding photographer...

How I Do It

A rough outline of an average day as a wedding photographer

  • Arrive at the venue, find you, make friends with the hair and make-up people so they don't get angry at me if I get in the way.
  • Show the groom how to put a buttonhole on (hint: it goes on the left).
  • Arrive at the ceremony venue (church/town hall/pub/your mum's kitchen) and make friends with the marriage officiant so they can tell me where and where I can't stand.
  • Co-ordinate the confetti throwing/bubble blowing/sparkler lighting/silly string spraying (not directly in the face, especially the sparklers).
  • Line up the group shots with the authority of an army sergeant/Kath from Kath and Kim
  • Whisk you away for a bit of a breather and some cool couple's photos.
  • Skulk in the background taking photos of your guests getting steadily more "merry".
  • Enlist some hapless guest to guard my light-stand like they would guard their own life, while you do you first dance (or first song, or first stand there awkwardly while your guests watch).
  • Get down and boogie.
  • Go home and sleep for 12 hours.

Find out more about me over on the appropriately named "ABOUT ME" page and get in touch here!