Alix + Andy's Brighton Marina Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoot, couple’s shoot, pre-wedding photo sesh. Whatever you want to call it, it’s totally normal to feel completely weird about having an almost complete stranger take photos of you “being adorable” (because it IS weird).

Alix and Andy weren’t in to having overly romantic photos (and to be honest neither am I, if you want to make a heart shape with your hands you can go find someone else) so we decided to pretend they were in a band like the White Stripes where no one’s quite sure whether you’re married or siblings or just good friends. I’m actually still unsure of this, can someone help me out?

Anyway, what started out as a band shoot (check those desert vibes, who knew Brighton could look like Joshua Tree?!) actually turned in to a romantic shoot. Partly because there’s nowhere more romantic than Asda carpark, and also because we ended by the beach where Andy proposed to Alix. So it just goes to show, no matter how much you fight it, that dang romance is gonna get ya.

P.s. I think we settled on Cosmic Pizza for a band name and if that’s already your band name SUE ME (please don’t sue me).