Stephanie + Paul's Relaxed and Intimate Brighton Beach Wedding

What’s better than a walk along the seafront followed by a sparkling wine tasting reception at a fancy Italian restaurant? Getting married first and then having me there cracking HILARIOUS jokes the whole time! (this may or may not be based on my own opinion).

Stéphanie and Paul had just such a day and it was every bit as relaxed, chic and stylish as you think a half French wedding would be. We started the day at Stéphanie and Paul’s home in Hanover (SERIOUS house goals, amirite?) and then hopped on over to Brighton Town Hall for some quick “I dos”, “I wills” and “yeah I guess’s” (it was definitely more romantic than that, I’m just paraphrasing for speed because I know you’re dying to see photos), then it was on to a stroll along Brighton beach which took twice as long as it should have because I kept stopping them and saying “go stand over there!” now over there!” “now look cute!”, as if they needed my help with that one.

Eventually we made it to Cincin in Hove where there was homemade pasta and a wine tasting quiz (Ok, I think THIS is what made the day so fab, I bloody love quizzes. Yes I took part, no I didn’t get it right, let’s all move on shall we?) and just a lot of merriment and people debating whether French Champagne or English sparkling wine was better, which is when I took my leave because that’s never going to end well.

Whew! That was a rollercoaster right? Scroll down for photos, house envy, and life envy and please, if anyone knows of a parenthesise rehab, I think I need one (it’s a serious problem).