Claudia and Adam

After a tip off from the lovely Chloe and Chris (who met at this very plant nursery), I traveled to Pulborough to visit Architectural Plants with Claudia and Adam for their engagement session. Claudia and Adam are getting married THIS SATURDAY (late January if you're reading this from the future) in Rye and I'm super excited to follow these guys round with my camera some more, mainly because they're lovely, but also because they don't look at me weirdly when I ask them to stand in front of garden tools. (I LOVE THIS LOCATION SO MUCH).

C&A Engagement Blog-9.jpg

(he fogged up her glasses by breathing too hard)

C&A Engagement Blog-22.jpg
C&A Engagement Blog-23.jpg
C&A Engagement Blog-27.jpg
C&A Engagement Blog-24.jpg
C&A Engagement Blog-18.jpg