Columbia Road Flower Market

It‘s always the way, you don‘t know what you‘ve got till it‘s gone (or are just about to go). After two years in London I decided I‘d had enough of big city life (and rent) and wanted to not live in the big city and not pay rent (I‘m now in Brighton with family and it‘s brill).

A few weeks before my move I figured I should try and do all the things I thought I‘d do all the time when I lived in London that I didn‘t actually do because I was too tired/stressed/poor/tired. So I went to the Tate Modern, spent the day on Clapham Common wandered through Exmouth Market, stuffed my face at Borough Market, and dragged my arse to Columbia Road Flower Market (even though I was hungover). I basically went to a lot of markets.

Therefore, my last month in London was the best time I ever had there and made me really not want to go. BUT I was only having so much fun because I knew I didn‘t have to stay for much longer and besides, London in the winter is grim (do I sound like I’m trying to talk myself round?).

Columbia Road has always been on my list of things to do, but the catalyst was buying a little photo book published by Hoxton Mini Press of Johanna Neurath‘s work there. It‘s really very lovely, I look through it every time I need a bit more colour in my life, and I definitely drew inspiration from her for these photos. Check it out, it‘s a thing of beauty.

So, sods law, I found my favourite part of London just before I moved .I also lived 10 minutes away for about 3 months and STILL didn‘t manage to go, but that‘s London – if you‘ve lived there, you know what I mean.

These are the photos I took on that day, along with some half-remembered/made up overheard quotes. Alternate caption suggestions welcome.


“Gladioli, get your gladioli! Two for £5! Cheap enough to buy one for yourself and give the other to a friend you don‘t really like!” (This one was real).

“Buy my trees, they‘re all curly!” (I wish this one was real).

Me: “Oyster Boy you’re killin’ it” (He REALLY is though).

“I thought I‘d wear this shirt to compliment the flowers and it also brings out my eyes” (May or may not be made up).

“Oh geez it‘s the paparazzi” (another real one, aimed at me, sorry nice gladioli man, you look pretty though.)


Seriously, check out her book (I don’t work for her I promise).