Áine and Simon

When a couple tells you they met on Myspace, "kind of just decided" to get married and rock up to the shoot with their skateboards, you know you've got something special coming.

Áine and Simon did not disappoint. We met on Brighton beach, where they got engaged, then wandered through Kemptown stopping for a coffee and for a browse through the flea market.

Some couples need direction and some couples just mess about in front of the camera and you don't need to say a thing. You can tell which category Áine and Simon fall in to. One of my favourite shots is when they decided to run full-pelt at me to see what I would do. Answer: still take photos but whilst screaming at top volume.

Áine has written a lovely Valentine's post on her blog about her and Simon's story: Ode to My Rockstar Husband.