Kathleen and Joe

Kathleen and Joe came to my hometown of Clevedon for a walk along the pier. I only slightly bullied Kathleen in to climbing the rocks.

Below Kathleen explains why Clevedon is a special place for her and Joe:

“About four months into our relationship we went to visit a friend in Clevedon, it was bonfire night, we went to watch fireworks in a chilly field with friends and it was super romantic but the best moment for me was later on when me and Joe stayed up just talking until three in the morning, that's when I knew. The next day we went out to explore the Clevedon sea front. The skies were clear blue and there was a refreshing chill in the air. I remember less about the day and more about the feeling... being content in that moment with that person....which sounds pretty simple but it was perfect.”

Kathleen thinks this is "cheese on toast", but I think it's such a lovely thing to put in to words (and anyway, cheese on toast is great).