If you can't get it right, get it wrong.

 A photo from last Christmas in Snowdonia, just BECAUSE.

A photo from last Christmas in Snowdonia, just BECAUSE.

This is a mantra I have coined and use at all possible opportunities whether relevant or not (I'm trying to get something started here, ok guys?).

“If you can't get it right, get it wrong” is the battle cry in the eternal internal war raging inside the creative perfectionist (hi ALL OF YOU).

When you're writing a blog post and have five documents open with a paragraph each written on them (totally not drawing on real life experiences here) because none of them are RIGHT and GOD DAMN IT why can't you just be BETTER AT THIS Unspecified Blog Post Writer?, “If you can't get it right, get it wrong” is what Unspecified Blog Post Writer will be taking a deep breath and saying to themselves. (It is also the only phrase Unspecified Blog Post Writer will ever get tattooed on themselves, apart from maybe a quote from The Princess Bride).

When we're faced with something we think we might not be good at or (God forbid) fail at, the easiest thing to do is just not. Not do it. Run away. Put it in a drawer and not think about it (apologies neglected film camera (which I have actually used now))*

“If you can't get it right, get it wrong” is a nudge of encouragement to take that first step, it doesn't matter if you screw it up, just do it. No ones looking, no ones judging (and if they are, they should MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS), do it, get it wrong, do it again and, maybe get it wrong a few more times, but eventually get it right (or at least get better at not getting it wrong).

“IYCGIRGIW”** is a gentle reminder to stop looking at imperfection as a negative and start seeing it as an opportunity. If you've been writing and scribbling out and tearing out and starting a fresh page for the last hour, stop writing neat lines in that little notebook and tear off some wrapping paper and scrawl on it with some big colourful pens, take some chalk and scribble on your wall if the mood takes you (I will not be liable for any re-decorating costs). If you're sat at your desk not getting anywhere, go for a walk or go sit on a beach. If you're not getting what you want from what you're doing, do it differently, or do something else entirely. Stop trying to force it, shake up that routine and get a bit messy.

It's not easy, because you like things to be neat and perfect and right first time (looking at YOU, Unspecified Blog Post Writer), but life's not like that. And wouldn't it be just so BORING if it was?

So next time you're banging your head against a wall because you want to start, but what if you're no good at it? Or you're staring at the project SO hard but the ideas JUST WON'T COME, look down to that cool new tattoo you just got and remember, “If you can't get it right, get it wrong”, say it with me (please, I REALLY want to make it a thing).

*parentheses within parentheses, paretheception – I think my addiction is getting out of hand...

** I tried, but it's just not as catchy as WWJD or SSDGM