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The Essentials

I have a thing for fire escapes

I * almost * have more rings than fingers

The best and most quotable film is The Princess Bride (points if you’ve already spotted the quote)

I have two favourite pairs of shoes, my all day every day trainers and my shiny white wedding trainers

I love to crochet things but I never finish any of them

Potter more put me in Gryffindor but I identify as a Hufflepuff

I love puns and dad jokes because words are funny and dads are funny

I'm vegan but don't hold it against me

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Kitty! I live in Brighton, Sussex, grew up in Bristol and run away to Devon and Pembrokeshire as much as I can. I have a growing collection of houseplants which are so far all still alive and have a dream of getting a camper-van to make running away to Devon and Pembrokeshire that much easier.

Most days I can be found editing photos in my co-working space in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, bingeing on true crime podcasts (recommendations ALWAYS welcome) and drinking more tea than is probably good for me.

I love Christmas and really any excuse for a family and friends get together, which is probably why I love photographing weddings so much and often find myself trying not to weep on to my camera during speeches.

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Fun, adventurous, up for hitching up your skirt, throwing off your jacket and running in to the waves, and NOT planning your average wedding (even though your gran disapproves).

You're also gritting your teeth at the thought of being in front of a camera and probably more than a little stressed about this whole getting married malarkey. DON'T WORRY! If I had a pound for every time someone said “I hate having my photo taken” I'd have enough for a weekend trip to Europe. My job as a wedding photographer, apart from capturing your day and making you look awesome, is to make you feel comfortable and take the reins, so you can worry less about photography and more about where your Uncle Bob's gone with that very expensive bottle of champagne.

I'm here to make planning your wedding as smooth as Michael Buble's silk pyjamas and answer all of your questions, even the philosophical ones.*

*The answer's 42

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Kitty was amazing from start to finish.

She put us at ease straight away at the couple shoot, and on our actual wedding day she made us feel so relaxed. Kitty captured some amazing moments and we have had so many compliments from friends and family on how the photos really reflect the laid back and joyful atmosphere of our wedding day.

- Lizz and Eden, Sussex

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Kitty was the most professional, creative and fun photographer.

It felt like she was another friend at the wedding. She guided us through our wedding day with expert knowledge of the timetable.  All the photographs are absolutely stunning and so lovely you can't tell it was raining at all. We have the photos all around our house and will treasure them forever.

- Katie and Brett, Bristol

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