About Kitty

Just a girl, holding a camera, wearing all black and too many rings. 

Serious photo by Fern Edwards.

Serious photo by Fern Edwards.

Not so serious photo by Jennifer McCord.

Not so serious photo by Jennifer McCord.

Hi there, I'm Kitty - I live in Kemptown in Brighton (when I'm not travelling round the country) and can mostly be found in coffee shops trying to make one coffee last two hours (it is possible, if cold).

A few bits about me:

I listen to a lot of podcasts (mainly true crime)* - always looking for new ones, so recommend away!

I have lived in Bristol, Bath, London and Brighton, spot the odd one out.

My sister is my long suffering photo prop.

I like coffee, tea and wine in equal amounts, but at different times of the day.

If you have a cat, dog or pretty much any animal (bar a spider) at your wedding/shoot you will get too many photos of it.

I heavily overuse parentheses (in case you hadn't noticed).

*Stay sexy - if you can complete this quote, do and then tell my why we shouldn't be best friends.


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